Operative Efficiency


Enhanced and accelerated performance is dependent on breaking down ‘operative barriers’!

Operative efficiency is a key influencing factor in a company's success. Ayming helps you optimize the operational efficiency and alignment of the central control elements. We support you with the transformation to an interface management, which is processual-effective, content-effective, with clear responsibilities, tailored to your individual requirements. The result is a decisive contribution to your company's profitability.

In this context, Ayming focuses in particular on the four following points:  

Value ManagementLean Management
Spend & Process ManagementMake or/and Buy


We will achieve and realize for you:

  • Improvement of quality and cost reduction through active process controlling and interface management
  • Process cost reduction of an average of 15% on the basis of detailed value stream analyses
  • Increased transparency through clear responsibilities and guidelines
  • Security of supply through predictive and proactive process design
  • Increasing the response times by separating the special processes from standard processes
  • Shorter throughput times of 25% on average due to workflow and value optimization
  • Increased flexibility and thus improvement of market position


Individual consultation tailored to your needs 

Operative Efficiency in the company

Because operational efficiency is aimed at optimizing the overall system within a company, firms should pay particular attention to the underlying value and strategy system, as well as the structure and process landscape. 

Ayming assists you identify the potential of your organization to achieve a holistic efficiency improvement. We guide you in the process optimization, structuring, reorganization of key elements, and the development of suitable strategies and their implementation in the context of your specific organization and market conditions.


Case Study: Value optimization in spite of smaller batch sizes


  • Family-run company group
  • Turnover: ~ 200 M€
  • Employees: ~ 1,000
  • Industry: Supplier for Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • Objective: Value optimization


  • Short-term and very fluctuating incoming orders 
  • Purchase requisition in the past and inefficient lot sizes
  • Late or non-deliveries to the customer
  • Non-acceptance by customers


  • Generation of placeholder demands based on past and forecast data
  • Production-side bundling of product families and generation of warehouse orders to smooth incoming orders
  • Separation of standard and special processes
  • Implementation of set times and escalation levels
  • Clear assignments and responsibilities
  • Definition of specifications and budgets
Result Case Study: 22% cost reduction